2024 NASA Champions

Welcome to the 2024 NASA Champions Cohort! This is a Cohort for research teams using NASA Earthdata to learn open science practices and spend time experimenting and planning what their analytical workflows with NASA Earthdata look like in the Cloud. This is part of NASA Openscapes: https://nasa-openscapes.github.io. Learn more about Openscapes and the Champions Program: https://openscapes.org.

Cohort Agendas

We will meet as a Cohort via Zoom five times over two months for 1.5 hours each:

Agendas are accessible to Cohort participants in our Cohort Google Drive Folder; they are also an archive of our live google-docing. Please see https://openscapes.github.io/series to view blank versions of the agendas.

Date Cohort Call Topics Open science resources Teaching Leads
04/03 1. Openscapes mindset, Better science in less time mindset, better science in less time Aronne Merilli (University of Michigan & 2023 Champion), (Michele Thornton (ORNL)
04/17 2. NASA Earthdata Cloud Clinic, hands-on lesson from NASA Mentors NASA Earthdata Cloud Clinic Catalina Taglialatela (PO.DAAC) & Luis Lopez (NSIDC)
05/01 3. Team culture and data strategies for future us in the Cloud team culture, data strategies for cloud Matt Fisher (NSIDC), Alexis Hunzinger (GES DISC)
05/15 4. Open communities and coding strategies for future us in the Cloud open communities, coding strategies for cloud, Earthdata Cloud Cookbook Bri Lind (LP DAAC), Mahsa Jami (LP DAAC), Cassie Nickles (PO.DAAC)
05/29 5. Pathways share Budgeting in the Cloud Andy Barrett (NSIDC)

Cohort Call Digests are posted as Discussions in this repo.

Coworking times (optional)

Coworking sessions are where we work at the same time together. Sometimes, this means quiet work with check-ins to break up focused work and get feedback, and sometimes this involves asking questions and screensharing to learn and problem solve.

Coworking takes place in the weeks between Cohort Calls on alternating Thursdays following our second Cohort Call: April 25, May 9, 23. 10:00 - 11:30 am PT.

Participating teams

Some brief information about participating teams. Please add any edits directly (we’ll learn how in our GitHub Clinic!)

NASA Openscapes Team

Julie Lowndes (@jules32), Erin Robinson (@erinmr), Andy Teucher (@ateucher), NASA Openscapes Mentors

More about Openscapes and the Champions program: