NASA Earthdata Cloud Cookbook

Supporting NASA Earth Science Research Teams’ Migration to the Cloud


NASA Openscapes Team


April 30, 2024


Welcome to the NASA Openscapes Earthdata Cloud Cookbook!

This Cookbook is learning-oriented to support scientific researchers who use NASA Earthdata as NASA migrates data and workflows to the cloud. It has resources to learn how to work with NASA Earthdata in the cloud, as well as documentation for how to contribute to these resources. It is under active, open development.

The Cloud Paradigm

NASA Earthdata is available from Earth Observing System Data and Information System (EOSDIS) Distributed Active Archive Centers (DAACs) that are in the process of moving data holdings to a cloud platform. In the new paradigm, data storage (orange in the illustration) will migrate to the cloud (green) and DAAC-provided tools and services built on top of the data are co-located in the Earthdata Cloud.

Illustration by Catalina Oaida, PO.DAAC

As this data migration occurs, DAACs will have more information about how users can access data. For example, the Cloud Data page at PO.DAAC offers access to resources to help guide data users in discovering, accessing, and utilizing cloud data. During this transition, some data will continue to be available from the traditional on premise archive, while some data will also be available from and within the Earthdata Cloud.

Learn More About NASA’s Earthdata Cloud Migration


This Earthdata Cloud Cookbook is being developed as a cross-DAAC collaboration by the NASA-Openscapes Team. Learn more at


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