Our Team

Main Instructors and Support

This effort was supported by the whole NASA Openscapes Mentors cohort, with the following main folks listed alphabetically.

Andy Barrett

picture of Andy Barrett

Affiliations: NSIDC DAAC, University of Colorado

Aaron Friesz

picture of Aaron Friesz

Affiliations: USGS, LP DAAC

Luis Lopez

picture of Luis Lopez

Affiliations: NSIDC

Julie Lowndes

picture of Julie Lowndes

Affiliations: Openscapes, NCEAS, UC Santa Barbara

Jack McNelis

picture of Jack McNelis

Affiliations: PO.DAAC

Catalina Oaida

picture of Catalina Oaida

Affiliations: PO.DAAC, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory/California Institute of Technology

Erin Robinson

picture of Erin Robinson

Affiliations: Openscapes, Metadata Game Changers, University of Colorado

Amy Steiker

picture of Amy Steiker

Affiliations: NSIDC DAAC, CIRES, University of Colorado

Makhan Virdi

picture of Makhan Virdi

Affiliations: Atmospheric Science Data Center (ASDC), NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC)

Hackathon Helpers

  • Mike Gangl, PO.DAAC
  • Jinbo Wang, JPL
  • Celia Ou, PO.DAAC
  • Ed, Armstrong, JPL