How-To Guides Parking Lot

This is a document to capture and organize How-To Guides that do not, yet, have a place in the Cookbook. I’ve pulled examples from the Hackday Google Doc

Not all of these how-tos may be required. Some may be redundant. Some may be too complicated and could be broken into several How-Tos. Feel free to add comments, links, notes, etc under each suggested How-To. Also suggest changes to the wording. Following the Divio documentation guide, I’ve tried to name how-tos with descriptive names that start “How do I… ?”.

How do I reformat data files?

How do I reproject and regrid?

How do I aggregate data?

How do I plot data?

How do I use Harmony to reproject a data file?

How do I search the USGS Landsat Cloud?

How do I access data in the USGS Landsat Cloud?

How do I find OPeNDAP datasets?

How do I open an OPeNDAP file in the cloud? Include Authentication?

How do I open/access an OPeNDAP file from my local machine?

How do I open a Zarr file in the cloud?

How do I open a COG (Cloud-Optimized-GeoTIFF) in the cloud?

How do I use Kerchunk to reformat files? needs refining

How do I use CMR STAC to access data in the cloud?

How do I use Matlab in the cloud?

How do I add a python package to a 2i2c environment?

How do I reproduce a shared cloud environment on my local machines