The following tutorials are meant to present example workflows with NASA Earthdata in the cloud from a variety of use cases. The tutorials exemplify the advantages of working with NASA Earthdata in the cloud and aim to provide a starting point for exploring what your workflows could look like in the cloud.

We are in the process of updating the specific tutorials on this page and revising them for cohesion. At the moment, they have been gathered from different GitHub repositories that the NASA Openscapes Mentors have worked with or contributed to.

Sea Surface Temperature and Wind Speeds during a Hurricane - Tutorial

Obtaining NASA Earthdata from different disciplines and data centers

ICESat-2 and Landsat cloud access and data integration - Tutorial

Accessing multiple large datasets in the cloud

Sea Level Rise - Tutorial

Using the earthaccess Python package for quick sea level rise analysis in the cloud

Pairing Cloud and non-Cloud Data - Tutorial

Accessing and harmonizing data located within and outside of the NASA Earthdata Cloud

earthaccess Python Library Demo - Tutorial

We also have links to past workshops. Tutorials in these past workshops are developed to teach open science and Cloud workflows for specific audiences. They are a snapshot in time as workflows with NASA Earthdata Cloud emerge and evolve.