Analyzing Sea Level Rise with NASA Earthdata



This tutorial analyzes global sea level rise from satellite altimetry data and compares it to a historic record. We will be reproducing the plot from this infographic: NASA-led Study Reveals the Causes of Sea Level Rise Since 1900.

Learning Objectives

  • Search for data programmatically using keywords
  • Access data within the AWS cloud using the earthaccess python library
  • Visualize sea level rise trends from altimetry datasets and compare against historic records


1. Compute environment - This notebook can only be run in an AWS Cloud instance running in the us-west-2 region.

2. Earthdata Login

An Earthdata Login account is required to access data, as well as discover restricted data, from the NASA Earthdata system. Thus, to access NASA data, you need Earthdata Login. Please visit to register and manage your Earthdata Login account. This account is free to create and only takes a moment to set up.

Install Packages

import earthaccess
import xarray as xr
from pyproj import Geod
import numpy as np
import hvplot.xarray
from matplotlib import pyplot as plt
from pprint import pprint