Leading Workshops

This section, under development, will include information for workshop prep, setup, and hosting.

Using the Openscapes 2i2c Hub in a workshop

  • Check with Luis that the Hub image has the packages you need
  • Reach out to 2i2c a month in advance via email support at 2i2c.freshdesk.com (example below) to tell them about the workshop date, start and end times, # of participants, anticipated level of resources to be used.
  • Add participants to the 2i2c Hub via a GitHub Team


I wanted to reach out to the support desk to let you know that Openscapes will have a workshop using Python 2i2c instances for about 50 attendees.

Title: Data Access Workshop for NASA’s SWOT Satellite
Date: February 13, 2024
Duration/Time: half day, 9:00 am-12:30 pm HST (Honolulu, HI).
Expected Usage: 3.7 GB per person (~50 people)

Thank you!


How to Add Folks to the 2i2c Hub