The following tutorials are meant to present example workflows with NASA Earthdata in the cloud from a variety of use cases. The tutorials exemplify the advantages of working with NASA Earthdata in the cloud and aim to provide a starting point for exploring what your workflows could look like in the cloud.

Earthdata Cloud Clinic - Tutorial

Two different direct cloud access & subsetting options available in the Earthdata Cloud

Sea Surface Temperature and Wind Speeds during a Hurricane - Tutorial

Obtaining NASA Earthdata from different disciplines and data centers

Sea Level Rise - Tutorial

Using the earthaccess Python package for quick sea level rise analysis in the cloud

Distribution of Carbon Stocks in a Protected Area - Tutorial

Using earthaccess Python package and OPeNDAP to access predictions of the aboveground biomass density

Observing Seasonality in Agricultural Areas - Tutorial

Working with HLS Landsat and Sentinel-2 data products in the cloud

ICESat-2 and Landsat cloud access and data integration - Tutorial

Accessing multiple large datasets in the cloud

Pairing Cloud and non-Cloud Data - Tutorial

Accessing and harmonizing data located within and outside of the NASA Earthdata Cloud

earthaccess Python Library Demo - Tutorial

Using OPeNDAP in the Cloud - Tutorial

Pygeoweaver Workflow Demo - Tutorial

We also have links to past workshops. Tutorials in these past workshops are developed to teach open science and Cloud workflows for specific audiences. They are a snapshot in time as workflows with NASA Earthdata Cloud emerge and evolve.